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Meth Vs. Chef - Method Man - Tical (Cassette, Album)

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  1. This competitive approach was a form of quality control and 'Meth vs. Chef' was a product of this process. Another interesting fact is that 'Meth vs. Chef' was recorded in before RZA's 36 Chambers Studios was flooded, reportedly destroying fifteen beats, so RZA had to hastily recreate and mix many of the beats for Tical.
  2. Meth Vs Chef (It's my turn) Meth Vs Chef (Yo let's bring that shit baby) Meth Vs Chef (Yo, yeah, one more time nigga) Meth Vs Chef (Callin" me out, it's goin' off) I blow your fuckin' ass to death I'm goin' all out kid no turn backs You could try to front, get smoked and that's that Lyric assassin, dressed in black buggin' Sixteen shots to your.
  3. Tracklist with lyrics of the album TICAL [] of Method Man: Tical - Biscuits - Bring The Pain - All I Need - What The Blood Clot - Meth Vs. Chef - Sub.
  4. The best method man album! He really shines on here with classics like meth vs chef, METHID man 2, stimulation, and tical. He really lets his talents shine on songs like all I need and bring the pain, and I can say that mr sandman is a wonderful introduction/allusion to horror /5().
  5. Despite being an excellent debut, Method Man’s “Tical” remains one of those nearly-classics in 90s New York hip hop that never really appears as much as it should on hip hop album lists. If you ignore Method Man’s prominent role in the Wu-Tang Clan, his solo career has been decidedly disappointing.
  6. Tical. Method Man. Play on TIDAL or open in our Desktop app Share. 1. Meth Vs. Chef Method Man Raekwon. 7. Sub Crazy Method Man. 8. Release Yo' Delf Other Albums by Method Man. Meth Lab Season 2: The Lithium. Method Man. The Meth Lab. Method Man. The Meth Lab. Method Man.
  7. This competitive approach to quality control would result in Tical’s “Meth vs. Chef”, a recorded battle between Method Man and Raekwon. “Meth vs. Chef” was recorded in before RZA’s 36 Chambers Studios was flooded, destroying reportedly fifteen beats per Wu-Tang Clan rapper.
  8. The album is a lot like the cover would suggest - dark rugged beats courtesy of the legend RZA, who has always been best with darker production. Method Man has a great flow and a nice voice which sounds dope on really any track. The guests don't do much for me, except for Raekwon's great performance on Meth vs. Chef.

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