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I Wear You - All We Are - I Wear You (CD)

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  1. You see a person, take in their appearance, and make a decision about them. What you present through your clothing often says more about you than you will be able to say about yourself in words. People who look like you will often be drawn to you, and others will treat you accordingly just based on the clothes you wear.
  2. I wear you like this is all we had I wear you right up on my shoulder I wear you like this is all we had I wear you I wear you I wear you I wear you. Enviar la traducción Agregar a la playlist Tamaño A Restaurar A Cifrado Imprimir Corregir. Compuesta por: Norway’s Guro Gikling / Richard 'O Flynn.
  3. Create & stream a free custom radio station based on the song All in the Suit That You Wear by Various Artists on iHeartRadio!
  4. Wear You Are Now, Boston, Massachusetts. likes. A lifestyle website covering fashion, food and genuine living for kindred spirits who believe the best memories are made through what we wear.
  5. Aug 17,  · I believe we all wear clothes that say something about ourselves. Clothes are the outside version of our inside selves. Let me give you a few examples. The guy who wears the t-shirt with a joke on it, is trying to tell you he's a funny man. The girl who wears the shirt with 'Sneaky Sound System' on it is trying to tell you she's into music.
  6. G‑d then specifies the reason why we should wear the fringes: This shall be fringes for you, and when you see it, you will remember all the commandments of the L‑rd to perform them, and you shall not wander after your hearts and after your eyes after which you are going astray.
  7. Lyrics to 'I Wear You' by All We Are. What doesn't matter if we were to hold it, keep it down, keep it right, keep it next to me. What doesn't matter if we were to close it, out of sight, far away from me. I wear you like you wear a number. I wear you like this is all we had. I wear you right up on my shoulder.
  8. When we receive an item, a gift from someone, whether we have known them our whole lives or it is our first interaction, that item holds a memory. When we wear it, touch it, feel it, we can be transported right back to the moment it was received. These photographs & stories capture those moments.

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