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On The Negev Plains

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  1. Sinai Peninsula, Arabic Shibh Jazīrat Sīnāʾ, triangular peninsula linking Africa with Asia and occupying an area of 23, square miles (61, square km). The Sinai Desert, as the peninsula’s arid expanse is called, is separated by the Gulf of Suez and the Suez Canal from the Eastern Desert of Egypt, but it continues eastward into the Negev desert without marked change of relief.
  2. Jerusalem and Hebron Captured 8 Then the men of Judah fought against Jerusalem and captured it. They put the city to the sword and set it on fire. 9 Afterward, the men of Judah marched down to fight against the Canaanites living in the hill country, in the Negev, and in the foothills. 10 Judah also marched against the Canaanites who were living in Hebron (formerly known as Kiriath-arba), and.
  3. Map of Old Testament Israel - The Negev. The Negev A on the Map. The Negev region. (in KJV translated 'south', but the word is the name of a definite region; cf. Josh. Israeli Negev.).
  4. Negev, also spelled Negeb, Hebrew Ha-Negev, also called the Southland, arid region spanning the southern part of Israel and occupying almost half of Palestine west of the Jordan River and about 60 percent of Israeli territory under the –67 boundaries. The name is derived from the Hebrew verbal root n-g-b, “to dry” or “to wipe dry.” The Negev is shaped like a triangle with the.
  5. The Negev is defined as a desert due to the small quantities of rain that fall here (less than 8 inches annually), and is divided into several regions, starting with the Be'er Sheva-Arad rift in the north, to mountain ridge in the center and the Arava and Eilat in the south.
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  7. Oct 25,  · Over the past 15 months the dusty plains of the northern Negev desert in Israel have been witness to a ritual of destruction, part of a police operation known as Hot Wind. On 29 occasions since June , hundreds of Israeli paramilitary officers have made the pilgrimage over a dirt track near the city of Beersheva to the zinc sheds and hemp tents of al-‘Araqib. Within hours of their arrival.
  8. The area encompassing the northern Negev and south Hebron Hills, between the Gaza strip border to the west, Shikma River to the north, Arad Valley to the east and Beersheba in the south is.

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