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Hating On My Skills

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  1. Continue to hate your job. Learn to accept and be content with the job you have. Look for a new job with the current job skills you have. Develop new marketable job skills that will prepare you for a different job or even a different career.
  2. What Are My Skills? Answer fun questions for your skills to be revealed. You are most likely awesome at all sorts of things, but this quiz will reveal something you may not have ever realized you are good at. Start Quiz. Popular categories.
  3. Mar 05,  · So you’ve got new skills and you understand what sparked the change of heart. Now what? Find that dream job. Let’s say you’re in that first category. Maybe you earned your degree in accounting, and love numbers and finance, but you hate the day-to-day work of an accountant.
  4. May 27,  · How to Stop Hating Yourself. Self-loathing is a serious problem for thousands of people. It can be very difficult to drag yourself out of the muck alone, and it does require a lot of support from others, but you can learn concrete strategies for changing your perspective, loving yourself and your body, and staying 54%().

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